Greg Things Things #30

I’m struggling with what to write about this week. It seems like only a few minutes ago that I wrote the last edition and the words left to spill onto my keyboard are taking a while to come out. Whereas last week I lacked motivation, but with plenty to say, this week is the opposite.

Greg Things Things #29

I almost gave up this week. Well, today in fact. This edition of the newsletter completely ran away from me, and try as I might, I just couldn’t carve out some time to get this done.

Greg Thinks Things #28

I am going to start this edition with some aggressive positivity. You f**kin rock.

Greg Thinks Things #27

Another two weeks gone and another newsletter hitting your inbox. I know how much you enjoy reading my ramblings, and I think I have recovered everyone

Greg Thinks Things #26

I lost some people this week. They didn’t die or anything - at least I hope not - but I broke the newsletter quite spectacularly trying to fix a bug

Greg Thinks Things #25

There are so many of you now that I have too many friends to write to! Since moving my blog, trimming the fat on my hosting, and posting more regularly the number of sign-ups has almost doubled in two weeks. Which is humbling, and more than a little bit scary.

Greg Thinks Things #24

If I can open with a corporate email trope, I am hoping this email find you well. I am writing this on the day I have had to go for a COVID test, and by the time you read it I will have my test back so who knows what’s happening now.

Greg Thinks Things #23

I’m really struggling. The pressures of homeschooling, working, outside projects and just general day-to-day things is all a bit too much currently, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Greg Thinks Things #22

No sooner had I finished my plans for 2021 the COVID-19 pandemic took another twist, and we ended up locked down again.

Greg Thinks Things #21

Without saying another word, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. If you do not celebrate then accept my very best wishes for the upcoming year and every success in 2021.

Greg Thinks Things #20

Twenty editions of my newsletter down! Actually, it might be more, I’m not sure when I changed the name of it, but I am taking it nonetheless.

Greg Thinks Things #19

Have you ever been at a party or other gathering and while talking to someone, instead of them being engaged with you, they are looking over your shoulder?

Greg Thinks Things #18

Locked down again! The UK descended into version two of national lockdown “circuit breaker” and this time it’s very personal.

Greg Thinks Things #17

I write to you at the end of a horrible two weeks. Even in this position of privilege I have, my eyes have been opened simply by the fact I am not allowed to leave my house.