Greg Thinks Things #24

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If I can open with a corporate email trope, I am hoping this email find you well. I am writing this on the day I have had to go for a COVID test, and by the time you read it I will have my test back so who knows what’s happening now.

Greg Thinks Things #24

Hello Friends,

If I can open with a corporate email trope, I am hoping this email find you well. I am writing this on the day I have had to go for a COVID test, and by the time you read it I will have my test back so who knows what’s happening now. I’m sure you’ve been filled in by now as to my predicament, but I currently feel like death warmed up.

I was hoping that this week would be significantly better than the one before, and it is in some ways, but health has not been one of them. The great things is that my medium term plan to move my blogging around went smoothly and this email should be no different than the last one you received. However a lot has changed.

As I was thinking about last time, my blog is now on WordPress which almost instantly made me feel more at home than I have for a long time. This allows me to build it to be a larger part of the indieweb, and also publish as quickly and easily as possible. It has been great to get publishing again, if I have annoyed you by publishing too much. Sorry!

There are downsides. Twice already I have written out a topic for this newsletter and then expanded on it a little and published it on my blog instead. Which is a great feeling, and a positive step towards more creative things, but a little annoying with what to cover here!

Newsletter Revue

Barely a week passed after I wrote about 2021 being a huge year for newsletters when a larger provider of these was purchased by Twitter. Revue is a great platform and a really cost effective way to get started if you are looking to. The good things about Revue is they are now beginning to tie it into your social audience if thats your thing.

I looked at it long and hard when choosing what to do with my own newsletter, and even started it up on Substack. Settling instead on creating my own option so I can control everything and not track the hell out of you - like most of them do.

Workhard Anywhere

What Is The Indieweb Anyway

The biggest question I am asked is what is this independent thing you keep banging on about? Well its more of a standpoint and implementation of standards shared across other like minded people and blogs. This manifests itself best when I write link posts, or mention the peoples content on my blog. They are informed of this and it often appears as a comment or reply to their blog posts.

Several of my posts have already begun to feature these things and it fulfils some of the feedback that I received from using Twitter so heavily. But enough about blogging, now for the featured presentation.

Not So Social

It’s a weird thing working from home. I’m stuck in what I call Schrodinger's workplace. I both love and hate it at the same time and the mood only changes when people are around. I love the flexibility, the more comfortable I feel and I am much healthier. However I am working more than ever and really struggling to switch off.

This is due to a lack of being able to do anything at weekends (Lockdown 3) and simply interacting with less people than normal. Despite being pretty introverted, I do love talking to people and in person interaction is severely lacking. The natural replacement is online conversations, and although I have moved a lot of these to more personal avenues, periods like this make me realise just how little social media fills that gap.

13-inch MacBook Pro

Blogging Challenge

Both Chris Hannah and Jeff Perry are working on a 30day blogging challenge for the whole of March (they haven’t worked out there are 31 days yet). I will not only be taking part but pestering people to also take up the challenge. You can post to wherever you want, there are loads of free places to host it, and you’ll simply get a prod with a one word topic each day.

If you’ve stopped writing it’s the perfect excuse to get started again, if you’ve always fancied it and never got around to it, or you have just never thought about it before, we can all do it together. I’m really looking forward to reading the posts from everyone and the great thing about a one word prompt is the posts will really show a wide range of thoughts.

Sign Up Now.

Getting Started – Daily Blogging Challenge


For the last few weeks (or months) I have been really struggling with sleep. I have been up until the very small hours, or waking early and never dropping back off again. This began to really stress me out but a little shift in my thinking has saved me lots of worry.

Now if this happens I view it as a chance to get some work done, or read some more of my book, and rest later on. One of the real benefits of working from home and being able to be more flexible has really saved my mental health. I have resulted to medical intervention some nights for a bit of rest but actually using this time instead of focusing on getting to sleep has been a revelation.

Experimenting with Email
I’ve been annoyed with email for a while, and I wrote recently that I wanted tofind a new way to deal with it [/dealing-with-email/]. I was mainly thinkingabout services like Hey, but I was also concerned that it’s essentially an emailreplacement, not an email service that can be linked to other …

I’m enjoying reading Chris’ battle with email, he hates it as much as anyone but is at least fighting the loosing battle to try and fix it.

Chasing the cool kids
Quick! Get on Myspace, it’s where all the good stuff is. Wait! Better build your following on Facebook. It’s a land rush and once you amass enough followers… And Pinterest. Defini…

I am very guilty of this and have spent money far too easily for nothing other than FOMO. Seth hits the nail on the head with the logical fallacy of it all.

Why I Still Use RSS
I do cool things with Computers and write about it.

I am often baffled when I tall about RSS to no tech minded people, and even some techies. It’s one of the best things about the internet and I too, think the internet peaked at its invention.

How the Pandemic Stoked a Backlash to Multilevel Marketing
YouTube vigilantes are taking consumer advocacy into their own hands.

I have seen an overwhelming increase in hun bots during the pandemic. Friends have begun to peddle everything from diet things to leaning subscriptions - but really they are looking for people ‘downstream’. I am delighted there is a growing backlash.

Before I go

I’m writing this barely seconds before I click publish, simply because I struggled to fill this edition. Publishing everything has its positives and negatives I guess. Thank you for all those that contributed towards by membership program while it was going. All of the funds went 100% towards the hosting costs now and in the future.

I would like some feedback on brining in something similar for the newsletter going forwards? I don’t really want to put everything behind a paywall like others have, but I’m stuck on ideas.

Remember you can just reply to this email to get in touch, I hope to speak to you soon. Until then, take the best care of yourselves my friends.


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