Greg Things Things #30

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I’m struggling with what to write about this week. It seems like only a few minutes ago that I wrote the last edition and the words left to spill onto my keyboard are taking a while to come out. Whereas last week I lacked motivation, but with plenty to say, this week is the opposite.

Greg Things Things #30

Hello Friends,

I’m struggling with what to write about this week. It seems like only a few minutes ago that I wrote the last edition and the words left to spill onto my keyboard are taking a while to come out. Whereas last week I lacked motivation, but with plenty to say, this week is the opposite.

Now the world has opened back up again (slightly) and I am getting used to humanity being great again, my motivation to spend much time reading and writing are reduced. It’s great to actually be able to interact with people on a personal level again and not have to look at them through a digital medium. I even managed to go to the pub (outside) for a couple of pints last week, and it felt so strange.

I don’t know what this pandemic has done to us, and I don’t think we will ever be able to sum up the whole toll — however I suspect it runs far past the count of people that have passed away. I am in no doubt that there will be a huge skills gap, and a lasting mental toll that may never leave.

I am amazingly grateful for those that have been responding to my emails, subscribing to the newsletter and interacting with me online. It all helps, if only a small part, to keep us all going. As hard as I am on social media (more about that in a moment) the digital tools have played their part, for better or worse.


A small follow up on my adoption of a note pad for my task lists. Its still going great and despite missing a few things such as timed reminders, this had made me much organised than I expected. Turns out that the old ways are sometimes the best!

I’m not about to replace email with sending Ravens, but it has made me think about more digital tools, many of which I pay for, could be replaced by more simple means. The tactile feedback I get from physically ticking something off is weirdly working on my brain, so I am sure there must be other things and can use to hack this feeling.

The Rage Machine

One quote caught my eye yesterday but never made it to a link post on my blog because I think people are getting fed up with me dunking on Twitter all the time.

Each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it. — Maple Cocaine

Such a simple few words seems to have captured so much of my feelings towards social media and Twitter specifically . Every day there is something else for the different levels of twitter to get emotional about. Those emotions are almost always negative and hateful in their tone.

There isn’t outpouring of positivity and creation like there was a few years ago. This has something to do with the surrounding world, but everything to do with the emotions people put into Twitter. I do still use it, but shy away from much conversation due to not wanting to occupy myself with it more than needed.

I want very much to curate my social media garden to be more pleasant, but somethings just seem to break through. This week it was Basecamp, next week it will be something else. The rage machine keeps on working if you like it or not.

Ethical Pirating

Last week the new Mortal Kombat film launched, but only in the US! This isn’t exactly a blockbuster film but something I really want to watch given my love of the old one, and the game. Understandably filmmakers are having to find new ones to generate the income they deserve for the films they make, but they seem to be tone-deaf when it comes to limiting releases.

The film is available to buy and stream in the US, but nowhere else. Meaning that everyone outside the US cannot watch it unless they adopt illegal means. No doubt many people will resort to this to watch, but I prefer to make sure content creators receive the money they deserve. However, I don’t want to wait.

Is there an ethical middle ground? Is it OK to pirate a film if you then buy it when it comes out to give back? There is no reason viewers outside the US should wait for an indeterminate amount of time, and it is almost impossible for me to avoid people talking about it. This is a hard question, and no doubt many people will just watch the film for free.

What To Play

For the last few weeks my paying time has been drastically reduced. I’ve finished Immortals and have started on the expansion, but time to sit down and play a little seems to be at a premium.

One of the best things I have found recently are the level of games available in Apple Arcade, many of which perfectly suited to a quick 5-minute time waste when I have it to spare. This isn’t an advert for the service, but what I once dismissed as time-wasting apps to shove adverts in your face seems to be evolving into top of the line titles.

Wonderbox is one of my favourite and keeping me entertained when time is available, but I want to try to carve out some time to relax going forward and play more on Stadia. Do any readers have some recommendations for games to try?

Perhaps I am going to have to finally finish Cyberpunk 2077!

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Before I Go

This week was a struggle to complete, most of my thoughts are shared on my blog now so writing the newsletter is sometimes pretty daunting, but sometimes effortless. I guess I should have written about iPad following the Apple event, but that’s just not me any more — sorry!

Does anyone ready this last little bit I put on the end? I hope so because this is the part that I wish you all the very best, look after yourselves my friends.


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