Greg Thinks Things #16

I have a question for you all to start this weeks newsletter. At what point do you give up and stop doing something because it seems futile.

Greg Thinks Things #15

This edition of the newsletter comes just a few days after celebrating my birthday. This year has been exceptionally strange for us all, but a certain level of realisation comes when you can’t do the things you usually do to celebrate.

Greg Thinks Things #14

It seems that my life has been refreshed and I have managed to charge up my batteries. Unfortunately, I have no idea how or why I managed to do it, but the last two weeks have been much better.

Greg Thinks Things #13

The kids are finally back at school and the house is quiet once again! As much as I am nervous for my little ones being back doing more mainstream things, I am glad to have a bit of normality in my life.

Greg Thinks Things #12

I am back, relaxed and ready to write another edition of the newsletter. I really enjoyed my time away from working and distancing ourselves from the world.

Greg Thinks Things #11

This edition catches me just at the right time as I prepare to have some time away from work and try and relax.

Greg Thinks Things #10

hould I be celebrating ten editions of the newsletter? Not sure it really calls for anything special, but a few tweets from good friends of mine showing support of my ramblings calls for some thanks.

Greg Thinks Things #9

Some weeks I jump at the chance to write the newsletter, with ideas already in mind or half written. This week however is one of the ones that inspiration is lacking and topics are thin.

Greg Thinks Things #8

I didn’t think I would get to write to you this week because the internet gods were against me for most of it.

Greg Thinks Things #7

This edition was the most difficult to write, not because I don’t have things to cover, but because I no longer know where to pitch this.

Greg Thinks Things #6

I am 6 issues deep into this whole email malarky, the exact number that I stopped publishing the last one at and I can’t wait to get this one out the way.

Greg Thinks Things #5

When my notification sounded this morning to say it was time to start planning this weeks newsletter I had completely forgotten.

Greg Thinks Things #4

I feel like I have been in isolation forever. I am not sure what the natural world feels like any more, and I have proceeded to split my day into hours drinking coffee and hours drinking beer.

Greg Thinks Things #3

Yes I am two days late to sending a newsletter out, and yes it's completely unacceptable seeing as I have nothing else to do!

Greg Thinks Things #2

I hope you are all well, not suffering too much from staying at home or away from people. One of the biggest things I have missed over the last few weeks is human contact.